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Let's Play - Legend of Mana 5 (Wisdom of Gaeus) - Wtf is this thing?

Feb. 17th, 2010 04:08 pm Let's Play - Legend of Mana 5 (Wisdom of Gaeus)

I need to get away from that mess. I'll just hang out in Domina. Maybe I can find them someplace else to live.


I can always see if they have a room available here, I guess.

307z31v.png Hello, dear!

2q061so.png Hi, Miss Yuka. I was wondering, do you have any rooms for rent?

307z31v.png I'm afraid not. We're booked.

2q061so.png Crap...

307z31v.png I think one of our patrons is getting ready to leave, though.

2q061so.png Really? When?

307z31v.png Why don't you go ask her? She's right in that room over there.

2q061so.png Thanks!

Okay, I just need to convince this woman to leave, and then I can get my house back.


2q061so.png ...Daena?

5cy9te.png Brynhildr? What are you doing here?

2q061so.png I was...well...

5cy9te.png Say, what do you know about the Mana Tree?

2q061so.png What? The Mana Tree? Not much.

5cy9te.png I know there's no such thing as the Mana Tree...

5cy9te.png It's just that I want to help a friend of mine.

5cy9te.png If the Mana Tree was real, then...I just thought that maybe...

2q061so.png :(

5cy9te.png What happens to your soul after you die?

2q061so.png I think...well, it lives forever, right?

5cy9te.png I think so too.

5cy9te.png I've been wounded a hundred times, but no one has ever hurt my soul.

2q061so.png (A hundred times? Ouch.)

5cy9te.png I can't believe that something could happen to my soul.

5cy9te.png You know, I want to go meet Gaeus.

2q061so.png Gaeus? He's that...Wise Man, right?

5cy9te.png Wisdom.

2q061so.png Right, Wisdom. Well, why don't I go with you?

5cy9te.png Are you sure?

2q061so.png Of course! Let's go!

5cy9te.png Thank you...I knew you would say that.

2q061so.png (And if I get you out of the room, so much the better.)

5cy9te.png Let's go.



5cy9te.png Goodbye, Miss Yuka.

307z31v.png Goodbye, dear! It was nice having you.

2q061so.png (There are two children at my house--see if you can get them to come here?)

307z31v.png (I'll do what I can.)

Daena's an agile warrior and uses a Flail in battle. Her Skill stat is actually fairly high, which works well with her Flail--combined with the high amount of hits a Flail can get, Daena can actually do a fair amount of damage. Her Synchro, HP Recovery PLS, will let me recover my HP as I move. Again, not the best Synchro--HP isn't really a super important stat, given that you can recover HP just by hiding, and it can be difficult to move while still being in close proximity to Daena.

Oh, that reminds me--I haven't mentioned what my own Sychro is, have I? It's just a simple HP Recovery, which increases the HP recovery rate--no movement required. This is always what the playable character gets, and I guess it's well enough. Not one of the greatest Synchros, but it has its uses. I'll explain more of that later.

Daena's abilities are Push and Toss--appropriate for a character who relies on close-range combat. She can easily unbalance her opponents. Her three STs are all short-range, doing minor-to-medium damage, but her personal ST is one of the better ones--"'Round the World" sends her charging across the screen, damaging every enemy that she tramples across.

Last time we saw Daena, she was searching for Gaeus over at the Luon Highway. Let's go!


2q061so.png What the hell is that?

5cy9te.png That's a Boink.

2q061so.png A Boink?

5cy9te.png They stick their tails into the ground, and can transfer objects to where their tails wind up.

2q061so.png That's...weird.


(Boinks are actually very useful shortcuts through areas. Not every area gets one, but quite a few do. We could wander through the highway on our own, or we could use the Boink. I'm lazy--what do you think I'm going to do?




2q061so.png ......

See that little thing sticking up from the ground, right next to me? That's a Boink's tail. We've actually seen one before, and we'll be seeing more in the future. The Boinks sometimes change locations, though, but it's storyline-oriented--you won't randomly be sent to a dead-end or anything. Unless that's what they always do. Fun times!


Continuing on, we get to one of the more interestingly-named areas of the game--the Brynhildr Canyon Side! Obviously this isn't some big coincidence, it's named after you. No real reason, just for fun.


A Chocobo! Obviously the mascots of Final Fantasy, but they show up here, too. Originally one appeared in Final Fantasy Adventure--the first Mana game was named renamed that when it was released in North America--and you could ride the Chocobo, eventually upgrading it into a...robot Chocobo. A Chocobot. When they remade the game into Sword of Mana several years back, they got rid of the Chocobo travel, although it does make a cameo after the credits. Also, they show up in Friends of Mana, a mobile phone game in Japan. Chocobos don't play a major role in this game, other than being occasional enemies--although you can get one as a pet (more on that later).


2q061so.png It's a dead-end.

5cy9te.png No, we're here.

2q061so.png This is just a big rock formation--I thought you were searching for a Wisdom?

169f3i1.png Welcome, my chilren.

2q061so.png !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2q061so.png What was that?

5cy9te.png Hello, Gaeus.

169f3i1.png Come closer...



5cy9te.png My friend is about to die from a demon's curse.

2q061so.png (I'm about to die from a heart attack.)

5cy9te.png What can I do to help her?

169f3i1.png Do what your friend wants you to do.

5cy9te.png She doesn't ask me to do anything for her.

5cy9te.png She's just going to accept what is going to happen!

169f3i1.png Then you must accept that.

169f3i1.png Did you understand what that person said to you?

5cy9te.png No, I didn't!! She was so strong-willed!

5cy9te.png A demon weakened her, both in body and in spirit.

5cy9te.png I only want to help her regain her former self!

169f3i1.png People have the power to change themselves.

169f3i1.png That is what she is trying to teach you.

169f3i1.png Listen to her words.

5cy9te.png ......Thank you.

5cy9te.png I will try to think about this calmly.

169f3i1.png By the way, Brynhildr.

2q061so.png Uhhh......

169f3i1.png There should be an ancient tree around your house.

2q061so.png Well, I guess there are a few trees by my house...

169f3i1.png He will help you with many things.

2q061so.png He?

169f3i1.png Come again, my children.



2q061so.png Well.

2q061so.png That was interesting.

5cy9te.png ......


5cy9te.png Please take this.

You get ForbiddenRing!

And then she was gone.


The ForbiddenRing is a special accessory. It isn't particularly good, stat-wise--it just gives you three points of defense against magic. But the ring has a special Mystic Power attached to it--"Fertility Goddess". If you have the ring equipped, it will split the experience you gain with anyone else in your party. This can be useful if you want to level up a pet, but given that the regular NPCs level up on their own to a certain point, a lot of the experience you share with them will just be wasted. Also, this doesn't apply to any experience points they happen to pick up--just the ones you do. So if you have the ForbiddenRing equipped, you're guaranteed to get the least (or same, if they don't pick up any crystals) experience of anyone in your party.

This is the only opportunity to get it, though. You can make your own, but not for awhile, and it's probably one of the more difficult effects to put on a piece of equipment. Again, we'll be looking at all of this later.


Okay! By now, Miss Yuka should've stopped by and gotten those kids to the inn. Note to self--add locks to my doors.


2q061so.png ......

2dbvtzt.png Hi, Master!

2q061so.png What are you still doing here?

2ywzg3b.png We live here, remember?

2q061so.png Miss Yuka was supposed to take you to the inn at Domina!

2ywzg3b.png Oh, that place?

2dbvtzt.png We told the chicken lady to go away.

2ywzg3b.png ...what Bud means is that he threatened to set her on fire.

2dbvtzt.png I did not!

2q061so.png ......

2q061so.png Fine. Stay. I don't care.


2q061so.png Aghhhhhhhhh.

2q061so.png Cactus!


2rnhu8h.png Big face.


Cactus Diary #3 - Gaeus's Wisdom

A big face on a mountain?

It's hard to believe, but my master

saw it, so I guess it's true.

It knows and doesn't know lots of


What an amazing world.

So, Daena's happy--sort of--and I still have the Little Sorcerers living in my house. Do I ignore them and hope they go away (hint: they won't), or bring them with me?

And where do I bring them? I could go back and find Elazul, although he probably won't want to hang out with them, either. Or I could go see what sort of show Capella and Diddle are putting on today. Maybe I could check out the west side of Domina, to see if any of the pumpkins Bud and Lisa left are still around--or I could go looking for that tree Gaeus said was by my house.


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